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Can I Bring My Dog to Run/Walk With Me?

We do love dogs, but unfortunately they are not allowed on the ground of Metuchen High School where we host our race.  Therefore, we ask that you do not bring them with you to the race.


Can I Walk/Run With a Stroller?

We are a family event, so we’re glad to have the strollers and their younger passengers in the race.  We do ask that if you are doing the timed race as the parent, please sign your young participant up for the un-timed event.  The passenger of the stroller would be timed at the same time as you and we do have younger age divisions that receive prizes for kids running.  We’d also ask that you allow individual runners to start ahead of you so they do not have an obstacle when they leave the starting line.


Do I Have to Pay for My Child?

At the heart of our event, it is for charitable purposes and we do request that all participants pay.  If you have a hardship where paying for your child to participate in the race is a financial burden, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate.


Where Does All the Money Go?

The Fuccile Foundation is 100% volunteer staffed.  None of our board or staff take a salary.  We do pay for expenses associated with administering our race (t-shirts, race timing company, water, etc.).  Everything else goes right to our families in need.


How Do I Become a Corporate Sponsor?

Please send us an email at  We can go over the options and benefits we provide to our Corporate Sponsors.


I Know of a Family That May Need Assistance, How Can I Make the Fuccile Foundation Aware?

Please send us an email at  If the family meets our by-laws for support, we’ll do whatever we can to help.


How Can I Volunteer My Time or Services?

We always can use race day volunteers and try to keep our expenses down with donated services.  Email us at and we’ll find a spot for you or other ways to use your talents.


My Registration Information is Incorrect. Can You Help Me Correct It?

Send an email to us at with details on what is incorrect and we’ll address for you.


I Want to Switch My Event from Timed to Un-Timed or Un-Timed to Timed, Can That Be Done?

Send an email to us at on which event you would like to switch to and we’ll make the update.


I Missed the Online Registration Period.  Can I Still Register?

We do have day-of registration, however the registration is at an increased prices.  Please refer to the form here to view the prices.   We do not have credit card processing capability, so it must be cash or check.   We are unable to make exceptions to this – as we need to send our registration information to the Race Day Administrator a few days prior to the race.


How Can I Ensure I Get a Shirt?

We are unable to guarantee a shirt to participants that do not register in the early registration period.  There may be a shirt available after early registration is closed as we do try to predict the amount of shirts we will need for year to year.  In some cases, availability will be exhausted due to higher registration numbers.  We do try to manage the inventory after this time to make registrants aware of the availability, but this is not always real-time.


Is The Route a Certified 5K Course?

Yes, this route is a Certified 5K Course


Is the Fuccile Foundation a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization?

Yes, our foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization.  Our Tax ID is 80-0340861.


I Can’t Make the Event.  Can I Donate Without Attending?

Absolutely.  We appreciate any financial assistance you can provide.  Please visit the page here to donate.




Even if you have never run before, you can complete this 5K after following this simple

six-week training plan. The plan adheres to Jeff Galloway's run/walk program, gradually

adding to the amount you run while incorporating walk breaks throughout. This

technique is used by all levels and ages of runners who have completed races ranging

from 5Ks to Marathons. If you share Mike's commitment to an active life, this plan can

make it a reality!



The plan is a guide for a beginning runner to gain fitness. We recommend working

toward exercising most days of the week. Three of these days should be running/walking for a total of 40 minutes or less. The additional days should be cross-training which includes cycling, yoga, swimming or other similar exercises. There is a wealth of fitness information on the web or you can contact any Fuce 5K board member with your specific fitness questions.


Note: Even if the plan initially seems easy, resist the urge to jump ahead. This is a

common mistake and can cause you to become discouraged or injured.

Disclaimer: While this plan is based on sound exercise principles, please consult your

physician before engaging in any exercise program.



Each weekly time, goal and technique should be used for the 3 runs during the week.  If you start this program by May 1st, you'll be ready for the Fuce 5K on June 19th.  Happy running!


Week 1:

Total time - 30 minutes   Goal - 2 miles

Technique -  Run 1 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 2:

Total time - 33 minutes   Goal - 2.2 miles

Technique -  Run 2 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 3:

Total time - 35 minutes   Goal - 2.5 miles

Technique -  Run 3 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 4:

Total time - 38 minutes  Goal - 2.8 miles

Technique -  Run 4 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 5:

Total time - 40 minutes  Goal - 3 miles

Technique -  Run 5 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 6:

Total time - 38 minutes  Goal - 3 miles

Technique -  Run 7 minutes, Walk 1 minute

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