September 4, 2008 marked a very sad day for our community.  It was on that day that Mike Fuccile was tragically murdered on his way to work at the Merrill Lynch office in Jersey City, NJ. He left behind his wife of ten years, Nancy, and three children, Michael 7, Jack 5 and Brooke 3.


He was born and raised in Toms River, NJ and lived in Metuchen for the last ten years. Mike was a graduate of Villanova University, where he and Nancy met and he earned a degree
in accounting.


In those ten Metuchen years, Mike became an integral part of the community through his service to Metuchen Little League, Metuchen Town Soccer, Metuchen Recreation Youth Basketball and so many more activities targeting the kids of Metuchen.


As an active father and family man, Mike played a substantial role in his children’s lives, whether that meant being the team manager for his son’s little league teams or coach of their basketball and soccer teams or even just playing video games with them.   He was always the first person to get the wiffleball or kickball games started for the kids at a barbeque or play in a tag football game on the beach.


Mike was always there for anyone who needed him, especially Nancy and the kids.  Unfortunately he can’t do that anymore.  This is our chance to do some of the things he did, show support for Nancy and the kids, participate in the community and have fun as a family.  Mike would have been the first one doing this for someone else, let’s do it for him.



STEPHEN PEREZ: 5/16/66-9/24/22

A resident of Metuchen for 13 years, Steve Perez (55) was a hardworking and loving father. You might recognize him if your boys played basketball in Metuchen because he coached for his two sons for several years. He loved basketball (Let's go Knicks!), good food and loud music. On September 24th, 2021, Steve passed away leaving his four kids (Jazmynn (23), Jordan (19), Landon (15) and Alex (13)) and his dog Melo (named after Carmelo Anthony, of course) behind. Just out of college, Jazmynn has had no choice but to become the boys' legal guardian, something that has not been very easy to get used to - no matter how amazing they are and how much she loves them. She hopes to keep the boys in Metuchen and give them the best lives possible and to be able to do that she would appreciate any help people are willing to give. 

FRANCISCO “FRANK” MUNIZ Jr   Born: 11/14/1978 Died: 12/11/21

This is the link to his official obituary - https://www.flynnfuneral.com/obituary/francisico-muniz-jr


To myself and my children, Frank was very protective and very loving.  In the nine years that we lived with him, Frank always made sure we had what we needed whether it meant a quick run to the store late at night with us to get art supplies for a school project that the kids told us was due tomorrow morning or staying up all night to help if the kids were sick.  We knew him to be a family man who especially enjoyed sharing each holiday with us which included decorating the home or cooking special dinners.  He had no issue getting up early to head to work as long as he’d be home on time to have dinner with us. He was a great stepfather to Brandon and Mona. He spent many hours helping them with math and science assignments, attending school activities and even taking them to scout events.  He enjoyed family trips to theme parks, zoos,  and the aquarium. In his quiet time, he loved to watch movies or play video games with the kids.  He would always say he will be with me and the kids forever.  He told me we would be that old couple, where the man chases after the wife to make sure she has her glasses and teeth.

We miss him greatly and hope he’s still watching and protecting over us. 


Joseph Corrigan is a 17 year old senior at Metuchen High School. His parents, Donna and

Patrick moved to Metuchen 23 years ago and raised Joseph and his siblings; Lauren (23) and

Ryan (21). All three children have gone through the Metuchen School District. Joseph always

participated in different sports throughout his school years, starting with T-ball, soccer, floor

hockey, travel ice hockey, CYO and high school basketball along with little league, and middle

and high school baseball. Joseph also loves playing video games and hanging with his friends.

On September 30, 2021, Joseph was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma (malignant bone tumor)

on his left femur. Joseph has been receiving chemotherapy treatments since mid October at

The Children’s Cancer Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Brunswick, NJ.

He endured a 10 hour surgery in January to remove the whole tumor and his femur bone, which

was replaced with a “gifted” donor bone along with a lot of hardware running the length of his

leg. The surgery was performed at University Hospital in Newark, NJ. Joseph is continuing

chemotherapy treatments to insure all the cancer is killed and does not return.

Since October 1st Joseph has been placed on home instruction with a reduced school

schedule. Joseph has been using crutches to keep the weight off his leg and has limited

mobility. With long hospital stays, many doctor and test appointments and side effects of

chemotherapy, Donna had to reduce her work hours to take care of Joseph and his needs.


Chris Nawn is a 56 year old father, brother, son, uncle and friend to many in Metuchen.  You would often see him at his son's sports games cheering from the sidelines.  He was friendly, funny and always started conversations with people.  This all changed on January 1, 2022 when his three children Daniel, Robert, and Luke had to call 911 and watch as their father was placed into an ambulance.  They have not seen him since.  Due to covid and age restrictions, they are only able to facetime with the father while they pray for his return.  Unfortunately, Chris has suffered from a middle of the brain stroke known as MCA.  He has a feeding tube, a trachea collar, and has lost the use of his right side.  He has lost the ability to communicate with his family.  Recovery from a MCA stroke may take some time, and long term recovery and rehabilitation may take months or years.  Due to the fact that Chris has started a new job only two weeks prior, he does not carry medical insurance.  The Nawn Jones family would like to thank the Fuce 5k for their generosity.