2018 Fuce 5K Event - Sunday, June 17, 2018




Even if you have never run before, you can complete this 5K after following this simple six-week training plan.  The plan adheres to Jeff Galloway's run/walk program, gradually adding to the amount you run while incorporating walk breaks throughout.  This technique is used by all levels and ages of runners who have completed races ranging from 5Ks to Marathons.  If you share Mike's commitment to an active life, this plan can make it a reality!




The plan is a guide for a beginning runner to gain fitness.  We recommend working toward exercising most days of the week.  Three of these days should be running/walking for a total of 40 minutes or less.  The additional days should be cross-training which includes cycling, yoga, swimming or other similar exercises.  There is a wealth of fitness information on the web or you can contact any Fuce 5K board member with your specific fitness questions.

Note: Even if the plan initially seems easy, resist the urge to jump ahead.  This is a common mistake and can cause you to become discouraged or injured.

Disclaimer: While this plan is based on sound exercise principles, please consult your physician before engaging in any exercise program.





Each weekly time, goal and technique should be used for the 3 runs during the week.  If you start this program by May 1st, you'll be ready for the Fuce 5K on June 19th.  Happy running!

Week 1:

Total time - 30 minutes   Goal - 2 miles

Technique -  Run 1 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 2:

Total time - 33 minutes   Goal - 2.2 miles

Technique -  Run 2 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 3:

Total time - 35 minutes   Goal - 2.5 miles

Technique -  Run 3 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 4:

Total time - 38 minutes  Goal - 2.8 miles

Technique -  Run 4 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 5:

Total time - 40 minutes  Goal - 3 miles

Technique -  Run 5 minutes, Walk 1 minute


Week 6:

Total time - 38 minutes  Goal - 3 miles

Technique -  Run 7 minutes, Walk 1 minute