2018 Fuce 5K Event - Sunday, June 17, 2018




September 4, 2008 marked a very sad day for our community.  It was on that day that Mike Fuccile was tragically murdered on his way to work at the Merrill Lynch office in Jersey City, NJ. He left behind his wife of ten years, Nancy, and three children, Michael 9, Jack 7 and Brooke 4.


He was born and raised in Toms River, NJ and lived in Metuchen for the last ten years. Mike was a graduate of Villanova University, where he and Nancy met and he also earning a degree in accounting.


In those ten Metuchen years, Mike has become an integral part of the community through his service to Metuchen Little League, Metuchen Town Soccer, Metuchen Recreation Youth Basketball and so many more activities targeting the kids of Metuchen.


As an active father and family man, Mike played a substantial role in his children’s lives, whether that meant being the team manager for his son’s little league teams or coach of their basketball and soccer teams or even just playing video games with them.   He was always the first person to get the wiffleball or kickball games started for the kids at a barbeque or play in a tag football game on the beach.


Mike was always there for anyone who needed him, especially Nancy and the kids.  Unfortunately he can’t do that anymore.  This is our chance to do some of the things he did, show support for Nancy and the kids, participate in the community and have fun as a family.  Mike would have been the first one doing this for someone else, let’s do it for him.